What is Kaizen?

The truth behind Self-Improvement…

If you are not familiar with the word Kaizen, allow me to teach you.

KAIZEN Definition:

In essence, the word kaizen originates from a Japanese management strategy and philosophy that simply means continuous slow improvement. Used mainly in the corporate world, companies use this strategy to organize staff, streamline production, eliminate waste, and overall produce more efficiently.

This same philosophy implemented in your personal life can help dramatically improve your health, wealth, and wisdom. Essentially, small incremental improvements compounded over time will help you create habits and actions to acquire long-term success.

The main message of this philosophy is not only to perpetually become better, but to work SMARTER, not harder.


KAIZEN Principles:

Implementing the Kaizen philosophy is a dedication to effectiveness, productivity, and the elimination of waste. The 5 core principles of this strategy are:


  • Standardizing: create a process that is repeatable and organized


  • Focusing: measure and evaluate your progress using data


  • Comparing: check results against your requirements (are you delivering on your promise?)


  • Innovating: find new and better ways to achieve similar results


  • Responding:  adapt to changes or circumstances and evolve methods over time


KAIZEN is the way:

Many people are always looking for “the magic pill” or the quick fix. Unfortunately, there is no such thing. Once you accept this fact you will be able to be massively change your life. The truth is real success is achieved only with TIME and CONSISTENCY.

Improving by 1% everyday can help you achieve any goal because you have developed the HABITS and ACTIONS that are needed.

In the next blog posts we will discuss the simple kaizen methods you can use to make those goals come true.

Let us be better today than we were yesterday!


-Seff Sataday