Rise and shine everyone, and welcome to MINDSURGE! I sincerely thank you for taking a look at my work and I look forward to presenting you with the most authentic ideas, stories, and opinions.

What is the blog about?

As a curious young adult, I’ve always had questions, about everything, and sometimes my hyper-analytical mind gets the best of me. There are times my mind guides me, confuses me, empowers me, motivates me, and of course tempts me. I’m sure some of you can relate to this concept. Although the real question is, are we AWARE of when or why our mind does these things? Are we IMPROVING and OBSERVING our thoughts, habits, or actions on a day-to-day basis, or are we on auto-pilot, allowing life to control us rather than the opposite? Are we truly AWARE of our passions, wants, needs, and interests, or are we being subconsciously influenced by our environment? Are we perpetually trying to IMPROVE our character to become the best version of ourselves. These questions, I believe are important to absolutely all of us, in order to fulfill our lives with purpose and control. Essentially, this blog, will be a collection of stories, experiences, ideas, opinions, tips, and hacks from the most successful and influential people in the world. This collection will cover the broad topics of self-awareness/development and consciousness. Also, the topics of health, wealth, and fitness will be included.

Are we practicing KAIZEN and perpetually striving to be better? This blog is meant to help YOU!

My mission?

My aim and vision through this blog, is to encourage people to become more AWARE of the drivers of their life in order to sustain or adjust these aspects to create an amazing life. Moreover, this blog is meant to provide real actionable value for you. Also, it is meant to spread and gain knowledge, as well as sharing experiences and lessons to assist us in acquiring self-actualization. With my passion and ambition for life improvement, and through the power of writing, I hope to build a community of people who now strive to live their life consciously, responsibly, abundantly, and purposefully.

Remember to practice KAIZEN!

-Seff Sataday

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