The 3 Keys to Self-Improvement

The pillars of self-improvement

You ever have a burst of motivation one day where you think you can accomplish anything? “I’m going to to lose/gain ten pounds this month” we tell ourselves with supreme confidence. Or we say “I’m going to make $20,000 this month” with laser focus and no plan at all.

Then the very next day you’ve lost all that spontaneous motivation and you are right back to your routines and mediocre habits. By the end of the month you are basically in the same spot.

It’s ok I promise. This was basically my life. We want to be the very best version of ourselves, but we seem to never be able to be consistent in achieving our goals.

If this sounds like you, then it is more than likely you haven’t cultivated these three pillars to personal development.


  1. Self-Awareness

Sounds obvious, but for most of us it’s almost impossible to see where we stand in the present moment. It’s so easy to see someone else’s faults and imperfections, but when it comes to us we think we are angels.

The truth is, we are all imperfect in a perfect way.

This shouldn’t mean you should accept mediocrity.

Instead, pay attention to yourself. What does your morning routine look like? Are you sleeping at the same time everyday? What’re the recurring thoughts circling in your head everyday? Are they negative or positive? Are you addicted to your phone? What attitude do you have toward your life? Instead of mindlessly numbing your way through the day make sure you PAY ATTENTION to yourself!

Once you understand how you operate on a daily basis you are then able to eliminate the traits, habits, addictions, relationships, that no longer serve you.

We could go really deep on this one key, but in summary one should always be watching their own behaviors in order to unlock their limitless potential.

2. Setting Goals

We all seem to want to set goals for ourself whether in our head or on paper. After all, it is the way we set a path to get from where we are now to where we want to be. Such goals could be wanting to save five hundred dollars this month. Or the famous “I want to gain/lose ten pounds this month”.

Whatever the goal is, we are almost always trying to achieve some sort of benefit or improvement. We don’t usually set goals to go backward in our life.

Although, how do we make them stick?

A simple strategy to implement is to write a personal goal on paper. The goal being the “what” part of the strategy. Be very specific on this part. You don’t want to have vague uninspiring goals. Then write the “why” for that goal. Why do you want to achieve this? This will give you the motivation to pursue. Finally, write down the “how” or the plan to achieve this particular goal. Have steps or routines to act on everyday towards your goal.

3. Self-Discipline

This is the one that ruins all of us at some point. We seem to be unable to control ourself in the most important moments. We tell ourself one thing and then do the opposite. Sometimes we are at war within our mind. Our true best self whispers to us what we should be doing instead of sitting playing video games.

It’s ok. But, we must understand that self-discipline is like a muscle that can be trained. It requires daily diligence.

A way to practice is to first understand your weaknesses and temptations. Try to eliminate these. Reward yourself when you achieve a goal or hold yourself accountable when you mess up. Although, most importantly forgive yourself and move forward. Guilt is very heavy and will only hold you back from being the discipline happy person you want to become.

Remember, be patient with yourself and understand that this is a learned behavior.


To become the best version of ourself we must learn new behaviors and perform new habits.

Nothing in our life will change unless we understand where we are today, where we want to be, and then perform the actions to get there.

Remember to love yourself today. And NEVER STOP Improving!


-Seff Sataday



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